Saturday, May 5, 2012

We visited the Ninth Street Rookery yesterday and viewed a variety of beautiful birds nesting in the Eucalyptus trees. . .amazing experience. I took some photos and wrote a poem. A telephoto lens would have been helpful, so I will put it on my wish list.

Snowy Egret

A flash of white feathers
Soaring toward the Eucalyptus branches
Hoping for a soft landing
A cacophony of avian voices
Dissonant chords, permeating the air
Cries of esurient nesting chicks abound

Pat Brigham 5/5/12


  1. Felice inizio settimana per Te...ciao

  2. Wonderful words for such beautiful photographs Pat.
    I wish you a fantastic beginning to your week.

  3. I especially like #2 photo of the wing with the sun. Plus the bird being so snowy white in color. Glad you go away and did something different.

  4. Wonderful blog with great pictures. I especially like the picture in your header. I joined your blog and look forward to seeing more :)

  5. So beautiful. Have a great week. Greetings from Romania